July 28, 2012

Black Rock Environment

I'm starting up this old idea I had for an environment called Black Rock. The idea is a little city that is built up on the top of an active volcano. It's run by orcs, goblins and other baddies who have use the volcano to create deadly weapons. Since there isn't much space for everyone and their business they have to make their building tall and sometimes on top of someone else building. Since no one is really a nice guy here there are often fights that breakout, instead of fighting in the middle of the streets where others are trying to do work or run a business, they instead have fights ABOVE the volcanic pit where they melt scrap metal and ores. Things get heated to say the least. It's best to stay away from this place, unless you're in the business to kill things...

Just the preliminary stuff. Not even finished getting the buildings laid out or constructed, I'm just setting the stage... I'm mostly just going to be using this environment to experiment and learn stuff.

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