August 8, 2012

Update BlackRock

So I've been working on this off and on, whenever it pleases me but here's an update so far with a few of the models in the level. I decided to just make a single test house to make sure the assets are working properly before I go and try to fill up the entire level. It's not much as of right now, there's been some experimentation and planning going on. I'll probably be trying out some new tricks and workflows soon.

Also this nifty rock that is seen in the background of some of the images

And some concepts I threw together for future buildings to go into this environment.
The blacksmith works out of a volcanic "chimney" instead of a fireplace. He also turns part of his home into his shop so that he's never far from business.

The Crane Control will control the large chain that can be seen dipping into the heart of the volcano. The chain will coil up in the building when retracted. It's controlled through hand turned gears. It will probably get taller seeing as I want this to be the tallest building in the environment.