March 25, 2011

My other job is a Space Man

Been working on a character model in my 3D for Games class. Just finished the project and while I'm still going to work om it some more, it's still decent enough to see the light of day through my blog.

We actually began working on this character in the previous semester, in our Drawing for Games class. Then after developing the concept art we brought it over to our 3D class this semester and brought it into UDK. Textures still need work but that'll get done later.

March 12, 2011

Project Aurora

One of my thesis ideas has passed Pre-Production. This means I have a passing grade for that class and will be allowed to continue to Senior year! Yaaay! Now I can come up with any random thing for the next half of my thesis pre-pro class. (We need to come up with two in the semester.)

The passing idea is based off of magnetism. It's set in the near future where the Earth's magnetic field has weakened and faded away, allowing solar winds and radiation to bombard the surface of the planet.

The player has to maneuver a magnetic ball through an abandoned city and reach a giant machine that can restore the planet's magnetic field.

Once the machine activates however, an intense wave of solar winds enter the atmosphere and destroys the machine. The balls magnetic properties get transferred to the player in this process and they now become the magnet.

A friend of mine, Michale Hosticka, had developed a functional version of the mechanic last year
We worked together to develop the story and concepts, theses are a few of the pieces I created for this project

In the beginning of this project we had an entirely different world and story
that involved a society of robots and an evil corporation.

We abandoned it because it made the project too large for us to handle as a two person team.